The Bogota-Cundinamarca Intergremial Committee invites protest leaders to hold a peaceful day on October 21

  • In this regard, the commitment of Bogotan citizens in the implementation of biosecurity and self-care measures is highlighted and urges them not to let their guard down at a time when the city urgently requires progress in the protection of employment, the revival of educational and economic activities.
  • It is recalled that scheduled demonstrations should be held peacefully and leaders and conveners are asked to report possible infiltrations or information regarding possible vandalism.

(Bogotá, D.C., October 20, 2020). The Intergremial Committee of Bogota and Cundinamarca recognizes the legitimate right to the demonstration and called for the marches and protests scheduled for 21 October to take place peacefully respecting the institutionality, the right to work of citizens and allowing those who wish to do so to carry out their daily activities.

Likewise, its leaders are advised to actively report possible infiltrations or information on vandalism that may affect the day.The pandemic facing the world and Colombia for the Covid-19 virus must be taken into account in the context of the day, as the agglomeration of people can lead to a revival of the outbreak and with it, the loss of all the effort and work that has been done in Bogota to promote new activities necessary to ensure the well-being of families and citizens.

This is no time to ignore biosecurity stockings, give up social estating and forget that the virus is still present, affecting thousands of people day by day. Bogotans have made an important effort to keep the rate of contagion under control, allowing the employment of thousands of people to be reactivated little by little and thus ensure the well-being of their families. In Bogota the occupation for August increased by 91,000 people and the figure stood at 3,317,000 people occupied.

Not taking down security measures and social estating could lead to a widespread new closure of the city, thereby increasing the deterioration of the capital economy, and thus the well-being of its citizens.According to projections by the District Ministry of Finance, a new closure would have a retracement in the third quarter of the year of at least 4.2%.

It is not possible to put a brake on the processes of gradual return of activities, citizens demand to maintain the process of reactivation.According to the Bogota Chamber of Commerce's survey, traders have made a massive effort to return to normal and are optimistic for the coming months: 52% of respondents believe that in the next three months sales of their businesses will be better or much better and that ultimately a new closure of the city could jeopardize its future operation.

We recognize the legitimate right to social manifestation and invite it to also recognize the need of citizens to carry out their daily activities without affecting the process of contagion control against which the social discipline of the Bogotans has allowed progress in the reactivation of multiple activities in the midst of this difficult so
cial, economic and public health constitution.

They subscribe as part of the Intergremial Committee Bogotá Cundinamarca this communiqué: Acodres, Asocolflores, ANDI- Sectional Bogotá-Cundinamarca- Boyacá, Aesabana, Camacol Bogotá-Cundinamarca, Chamber of Commerce Colombo Americana, AmCham Colombia, Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, Colombian Chamber of Infrastructure, Cotelco Bogotá-Cundinamarca, Defencarga, Fenalco BogotáCundinamarca, Fenavi Bogotá Cundinamarca, Lonja de Bogotá, Probogotá Region, Sociedad Colombiana de Arquitectos.