Accounting outsourcing and payroll services

Companies around the world are trying to accept the impact that coronavirus (COVID-19) is having on their businesses. Organizations were forced to rething their business models and transforming at the speed required by this new working normality. More than

ever, compliance and reporting of regulatory and corporate information demands a lot from finance and tax functions. Optimizing you

r resources and leaving some operational processes in the hands of experts can be a great economic and performance relief. By outsourcing accounting and payroll services; we put at your disposal the experience of our team of highly qualified professionals and aligned with the needs of different businesses; in this way we help to meet its objectives in the administrative, financial and human resources areas.

Accounting Outsourcing:

  • Accounting under IFRS
  • Reconciliation between local and corporate books
  • Processing of company accounting cycle operations: accounts payable, receivables, fixed assets, inventories, among others
  • Converting corporate books to local books
  • Administrative support in treasury
  • Local and corporate periodic financial reports
  • Accompaniment in attention to audits
  • Preparation of financial information for control institutions

Payroll Outsourcing:

  • Payroll settlement of local team and expats
  • Preparation of social security forms
  • Preparation of payroll accounting receipt
  • File generation for payments
  • Reconciliation of payroll figures
  • Settlement of contracts
  • Preparation of payroll reports
  • Generating Income and Lease Certificates
  • Audit-care accompaniment
  • Preparation of payroll information for control facilities
  • Employee consultation portal

Why outsource this service to EY?

  • Timely and accurate accounting and financial information in accordance with the obligations of the organization and control entities
  • Economic benefits associated with reducing fixed costs and simplifying organizational structures
  • Greater focus on the organization's own activities
  • Reduction of risk in relation to financial requirements with specialized external suppliers.
  • Ensuring results with high quality standards

It's time to cut fixed costs and focus on your organization's own activities. If you want to delve into any of these topics, our experts are at your disposal. Contact us via the following link: