Uniandes and the ZFB Group will form the country's free zone managers

The University of the Andes, together with the ZFB Group and AZFA, will launch the Management Program in Free Zones. Its objective is to train managers and executives in the study of free zones as an instrument of competitiveness of ibero-American countries.

Bogota, October 2020 – Making decisions in line with the current conditions of the economy and foreign trade, is a matter that must be done with responsibility, so the University of the Andes in partnership with the ZFB Group and the Association of Free Zones of the Americas (AZFA), started on October 6th the second edition of the Management Program in Free Zones of Ibero-America 100% online; this program is aimed at executives, executives and decision-making companies from all sectors of the economy, from different Spanish-speaking countries.

The objective of this programme is to train in the study of free zones as an instrument of competitiveness of ibero-American countries, in their customs, foreign trade and tax aspects, in order to:

  • Stimulate the development of investment projects within the region's free zones.
  • To publicize the benefits of free zones and incentives offered by free zones at the regional and sectoral levels.
  • Generate a network of entrepreneurs that allows financial and logistical efficiencies for companies.
  • To understand the benefits of free zones.
  • To enhance and position the growth of companies nationally and internationally.

This management training in free zones, is a fundamental part for decision makers in companies to have a global knowledge of the instrument and have options to achieve better results within their portfolio of new investments.

Thus, as educational partnerships between higher education institutions and companies from different sectors of industry in Colombia and the world are part of the business sustainability strategies that bring development, advances and competitiveness to companies and countries.  

This training space is the first in the world, creating an opportunity to certify the expertise in foreign trade and free zones in Colombia.  

Frankish regime today

Undoubtedly the free zones have become an instrument for attracting investment, job creation and development of the regions, being the main ally of governments to incentivize new, large or medium-sized companies to invest in these territories, thus reflecting the benefits of the free regime model to attract more domestic and foreign investment, taking great relevance in the commercial reality of the country and also in what will come in the future in the recovery Economic.