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The Colombian American Chamber of Commerce, your ally to do business in Colombia and the United States, since 1955 has encouraged trade and investment between the two countries for more than 1.000-member companies, generating new business opportunities, contributing to the foreign investment and representing interests in front of both governments.









Capitalize business opportunities and attract foreign investment




Increase the positioning and prestige of your company




Strengthen your products in national and international markets




Extend contact networks for business development and strategic alliances




Build direct dialogues with government entities





{fa-caret-right } BUSINESS OPENING

Contact Lists:Potential business contacts identification in the United States as distributors, suppliers and / or government entities

National and international business agendas:Business meetings programming according to the members’ interest and North American companies in Colombia, likewise Colombians enterprises in the United States as well.

B2B:Business platform that allows through a user and password, link contacts, identify offers and demands according to yhe members companies’ business interest.

Business Round: Event through which companies hold meetings to identify new customers and suppliers. This business meetings takes place twice a year in a sectoral and multi sectoral nature.

Speed networking lunch: One-to-one meetings circuits that allow a networking expansion to achieve business; it is done twice a year.

{fa-caret-right } MARKET INTELLIGENCE

Market investment overview: Basic study market information for a product, service or sector in order to provide ge-neral information that helps as a referen-ce

to develop a commercial strategy and information on the requirements for the registration and legalization of a com-pany, brand or product in Colombia and the United States.

Imports and exports overview: Imports and / or exports information for one or several products.

National and international fairs infor-mation: Schedule and participation modalities in Colombian and North American fairs.

Trade missions: Colombians or North Americans companies’ delegations, which accomplish an agenda with explo-ratory visits and private meetings with potential business contacts, it´s perfor-med in both countries.

{fa-caret-right } CONSULTING SERVICES

Commerce, investment and tourism: Specialized trade, investment and tourism information based on the requests and member’s needs. Visas advisory: Certificates issuance for member companies’ employees to be presented at the American Embassy appointment to get the visa.



{fa-caret-right } Sectoral public agendas: Discussion spaces over sectoral topics that contributes to the problems solutions that affect trade, investment and binational agendas in four work areas: Agroindustry, Foreign Trade, IT and Tourism.

{fa-caret-right } Thematic committees:
Discussions, analysis and updates on interest general topics that impact the binational agenda of our members. The companies will find effective spaces to share good practices and alternatives solutions in ten work areas: Agroindustry, Foreign Trade, TI, Legal and intellectual property context, Human Talent and Corporate Sustainability, Environment, Energy and Natural Resources, Infrastructure and Public Procurement, Investment, Tax and Financial and Tourism.



{fa-caret-right } Business Mail: It is a topicality affairs and business analysis magazine that includes content developed by AmCham Colombia, its allies and mainly its members. Each month presents analysis, news and relevant information to the business sector in the country.

Currently, the magazine circulates with 10,700 printing copies among the members in Bogota, the regionals branches in Antioquia, Atlántico, Bolivar and Valle del Cauca, select subscribers of La Nota Económica magazine and business rooms of several first-class hotels in Bogotá.

{fa-caret-right } National Directory:
Annual publication that includes first level contact information from more than one thousand AmCham Colombia member companies throughout the country. 1,000 copies go around to the main office in Bogota and the regional branches in Antioquia, Atlántico, Bolívar and Valle del Cauca.

{fa-caret-right } NewsFlash:
Electronic newsletter that includes information about AmCham Colombia and member events, meetings committees and news. Circulates weekly to 3.770 recipients, its main edition reaches each Monday to the companies’ main executives registered to the entity.

{fa-calendar-check-o } AMCHAM COLOMBIA EVENTS

Organizes more than 150 regional, national and international events per year, including institutional events and with strategic partners, mainly members, counting among others current issues and interest to the business community, as well as those that arise in the Colombia – United States binational agenda.

  • Academic Events
  • Speed Networking and Round Business
  • Trade Missions
  • General Assembly
  • Golf Tournament

{fa-caret-right } Events and mettings room rental:
AmCham Colombia meeting rooms, located at Calle 98 No. 22-64, Office 1215, have 100 people capacitances in auditorium and 48 in the meeting room, it has all the audiovisual equipment and logistics assistance staff.

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