85% of the control clothing sold in Arizona is of Colombian origin

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The textile and clothing sector is one of the fastest growing sales to that state in the United States. Antioquia is the main exporter of belts to the United States. What Colombia exports, is equivalent to 87% of the purchases made by Arizona in control belts to the world.


Bogotá, July 11, 2019 (AmCham Colombia) -. In 2018, Colombia exported US $ 31,788 in support bands to Arizona, presenting an increase of 1,749%, compared to 2017 when the figure was US $ 1,719. In those two years, the country represented 87% and 85% of the total imports of that item by the state, according to U.S. data. Census Bureau


This was indicated by an analysis made by the Colombian-American Chamber of Commerce, AmCham Colombia, on the export opportunities that Colombian businessmen have in different states of the United States to increase the use of the free trade agreement between the two countries, effective since 2012 .


“This is a market that our girdles opened just in 2017, because before that date that type of control clothing was not exported to Arizona. The figures show that the imports of that item that made that state, had fallen 99% between 2011 and 2016, and that its increase in the last two years is related to the fact that they found in Colombia a quality supplier, to whom they want to buy each again, ”said María Claudia Lacouture, director of AmCham Colombia.


In total, according to Dane figures, last year Colombia exported US $ 23 million to the United States in different types of belts, 56.5% more than in 2017 when the figure was US $ 14.7 million. The main origins of these sales were Antioquia with US $ 11.8 million (51.3%), Bogotá D.C. with US $ 6.4 million (27.8%) and Valle with US $ 4.7 million (20.4%).


Between 2017 and 2018, the Valley’s exports of this type of clothing increased from US $ 4.2 million to US $ 4.7 million, growing to 10.9% and matching the figure reached in 2016.


According to Lacouture, it is important for entrepreneurs to be aware that the United States is a market of about 327 million consumers and that each state has important business opportunities. In the case of Arizona, although the three main products exported in 2018, according to U.S. records. Census Bureau, were Fungicides (US $ 966,609), other plastic items for transport or packaging (US $ 377,703) and Precious Stones (US $ 318,086), the majority of Colombian items sold to Arizona, belong to the textile industry and clothing


“Of the 75 products exported to Arizona in 2018, 41 (54.6%) are of textiles and clothing and reached a value of US $ 699,000, 15% of the total value of exports from Colombia to Arizona. Within that offer, what was most sold were swimsuits, corsets, suspenders, suspenders, sweaters, pants and girdles, ”added Lacouture.


Specifically, US $ 282,011 were exported in swimwear; US $ 169,903 in corsets, braces (suspenders), suspenders and similar items that, after the belts, were the items that grew the most with 304% compared to 2017; US $ 60,543 in sweaters, pullovers, cardigans, vests and similar items; and US $ 65,440 in synthetic fiber pants for men or women.


However, data from the US entity show that Colombian exports to Arizona in general fell 52% between 2017 and 2018, going from US $ 9.9 million to US $ 4.7 million. Behavior that is explained, in large part, by the decline in the export of emeralds to that state at a rate of 91%, from selling US $ 3,048,926 in 2017 to US $ 276,984 in 2018.


“Colombia has to continue exploring and betting on diversification and have an offer with added value that allows them to penetrate the United States market, which is our biggest client,” concluded the Director of AmCham Colombia.


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