Services in Colombia

National Business Agendas, Business Meetings and Networking are some of the services we provide to our associated companies to improve their activities.




Investigation of sectoral commercial fairs in Colombia and United States, upon the user’s request. All International Business Fairs allow associated companies to take advantage of the opportunities offered at such events. In addition, these fairs provide information on the most successful areas of the country where companies can invest.




AmCham offers the scheduling of up to three business meetings in bimonthly periods, depending on your company’s needs, with other companies that can be selected through the Associated Companies Book (Link). Once you choose, you must send the list by filing this form (link).


There are six national agenda management periods in Bogota: January – February, March – April, May – June, July – August, September – October and November – December.


Two management reports will be delivered during the requested agenda period. Scheduling with regional offices is subject to each office’s viability and availability. Requests must be presented directly in Bogota.




Queries and information on trade (Customs regulations, free-trade agreement built upon requests), investment and tourism and the particular needs of associated companies.




WEConnect International is a non-profit organization based in Washington DC working to increase women companies’ participation in the productive chains of multinational companies, thus helping to minimize the gender gap in the business world.


This program was created to raise awareness on the role of women-owned companies as key actors in sustainable, global economic development. It also helps them prepare to compete as suppliers in global value chains, offers a certification process for women-owned companies to be recognized at the regional and international levels and enables the connection between women-owned companies and multinational companies.


AmCham Colombia is in charge of producing WEConnect International certificates in Colombia. The process consists of two stages (self-registration and certification); during each stage, applicant companies which comply with the minimum requirements obtain considerable benefits.




AmCham Colombia constantly offers networking spaces and opportunities for its associated companies through two main methods.


{fa-caret-right } Networking Services


This service consists of scheduling up to three meetings every two months with AmCham Colombia associate companies in Bogota. This business agenda allows the company to present its service proposals, projects or work plans to other associated companies.


{fa-caret-right } Networking Lunches


These events are organized every two months exclusively for AmCham Colombia associated companies in Bogota. At these lunches, each participant presents their company and business offer, allowing them to identify and contact potential commercial partners directly.




In pursuit of its purpose to encourage business development among its associated companies and, in general, with the private sector, AmCham Colombia hosts an annual Business Meeting event consisting of one-on-one short networking sessions where participants exchange information to determine the affinity and potential to do business with companies from different economic sectors from all over the country. The Meeting also includes a networking lunch during which all participant companies can interact.




We provide support to our associated companies, so they can disseminate their activities through national and regional media. Javier Héndez, Director de Medios y Comunicaciones.


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