To develop their businesses in the US, associated companies can use tools such as our International Business Agendas, Commercial Missions and an innovative B2B virtual platform.






Scheduling of corporate meetings in Colombia, United States and AACCLA network.

An international agenda request must be sent with at least two months in advance. A teleconference is then scheduled to assess the viability of the service.


Two management reports are delivered, one with advances and a second one with the meeting schedule and contact information.


International commercial agendas are an individual matchmaking service for companies, through which AmCham Colombia identifies business contacts depending on the profile required by the applicant company and plans private business meetings.




Identification of potential business contacts abroad as: suppliers, providers and/or government entities. Includes up to 10 companies that must previously confirm, in writing, their interest in the commercial opportunity of the applicant company.




This is a business platform that allows to link contacts, offers and claims through a user, depending on the business interest. Likewise, it allows to build a virtual network and obtain information on current commercial opportunities in the United States. B2B AmCham is the new way to make business in AmCham Colombia’s associated company community. Through this online tool, associated companies can offer their products and services, find the necessary products and services to develop their businesses and contact other companies searching to enter commercial operations without the intervention of third parties.



Arrangement of private meetings with potential business contacts and exploratory visits to the US.

AmCham Colombia’s commercial meetings in Colombia and United States are held based on the participants’ purposes, which include the search and analysis of potential business contacts, arrangement of private meetings with potential contacts, relevant logistics development and enabling networking spaces and technical visits, among others.

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