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The Colombian American Chamber of Commerce has more than a thousand affiliated companies nationwide, linked to the main offices of Bogotá and the regional offices of Antioquia, Atlántico, Bolivar and Valle del Cauca, which represent all sectors of the economy and the chain. value of the bilateral economic relationship


  • CONTACT LIST: is an initial assessment of the market potential of a product or service in a targeted market.  
  • MATCHMAKING SERVICES: provides U.S. and Colombia firms virtual or physical meetings with potential distributors and partners that have expressed an interest in the product or service.  
  • SINGLE BUSINESS PROMOTION: provides U.S. and Colombia firms virtual or physical promotional event with potential companies to help increase the awareness of their product/service in a specific market. Full – Single business promotion: Includes matchmaking services 
  • B2B PLATFORM: Virtual platform that allows companies exchange offer and demand and set up meetings with potential partners through a corporate user. 
  • SPEED NETWORKING: Is a one-on-one business meetings  session with companies that allows national and international network expansion. 
  • BUSINESS ROUND: Is a wide event with  one or multiple industries that allows companies know relevant information about their market and  identify new business opportunities.


  • FOREIGN TRADE CONSULTING: HS Code classification, Tax Labeling, FTA, among others to be evaluated 
  • COLOMBIA – US EXPORT GUIDE: Step-by-step information: Read more
  • COLOMBIA – US TRADE ROUTE: specialized event with the specific export route for each product or service category. 
  • INTERNATIONAL TRADE EXPO: Multi-Sector Virtual Showcase of U.S. and Colombia Leading Products and Services 
  • TRADE MISSIONS: academic, technical and commercial immersion programs in Colombia and the United States on a sectoral and multisectoral scope. 
  • INTERNATIONALIZATION PROGRAM: internationalization routes design to the United States based on the Colombian companies training and connection with business opportunities. 


  • STATE WEEKS: Business, Trade and Investment event promotion with relevant and specialized opportunities In the state for Colombian companies. 
  • COLOMBIA REGIONAL BUSINESS & INVESTMENT TOUR: Business, Trade and Investment event promotion with relevant and specialized opportunities In Colombia for US companies. 

For details and more information please contact Jennifer Heredia, New Business Development director

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