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The Colombian American Chamber of Commerce, AmCham Colombia, has a prepared, professional and experienced team ready to support affiliated companies to achieve their objectives in commercial, business, public affairs and communications matters


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Promote trade, investment and business by focusing on the commercial interests of Colombia and the United States in both hemispheric and global markets, offering our affiliated companies opportunities to enhance their businesses, reach new markets and strengthen themselves through privileged access to information and analysis on relevant topics. In the same way, we want to provide unique spaces for the development of professional networks at the highest level.


We are the main interlocutor of the US and Colombian governments for trade and investment in both countries, through permanent contact with key players and intervening and contributing to the development of the bilateral agenda.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is made up of business leaders from 8 large American and 8 Colombian companies, as well as delegates from the United States Embassy.

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Juan Pablo Rivera

Zona Franca de Bogotá S.A.

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First Vice President

Carlos Vegalara Franco

Casa Toro Automotriz S.A.


Second Vice President

Sandra Eslava

Cisco System Colombia


Executive President

María Claudia Lacouture

Cámara de Comercio Colombo Americana – AmCham Colombia

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Colombian Companies

Jean Claude Bessudo
Aviatur S.A.

Javier Suárez
Banco Davivienda S.A.

Carlos Vegalara F.
Casa Toro  S.A. BIC

Juan Carlos Villafuerte
Congrupo S.A.

Ramiro Avendaño
Canal 1

Roberto Vélez
Federación Nacional de Cafeteros

Andres Monsalve

Juan Pablo Rivera
Zona Franca de Bogotá S.A.

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North American Companies

Sandra Eslava
Cisco System Colombia Ltda

Mariano Diaz de Vivar
Direct TV

José Luis Sánchez

Edgar Sánchez
Ernst & Young S.A.S

Santiago Angel
General Motors Colmotores S.A

Eduardo Jaramillo
General Electric

CarlosEnrique Pacheco

Gilda Velez
United Airlines


Ex officio members

Mariana Posse

Posse Herrera & Ruiz S.A.

Jorge Mario Añez

PricewaterhouserCoopers ltda

Francisco Palmieri

Encargado de Negocios – Embajada de Estados Unidos en Colombia

Kennia Somerville

Embajada de los Estados Unidos

Casey Bean

Embajada de los Estados Enidos


AmCham Colombia Team

Position Name E-mail Extension
Executive President María Claudia Lacouture [email protected] 1001
Executive Management Secretary Gladys Ruiz [email protected] 1012
Executive Vice-President Santiago Marroquín [email protected] 1002
Government and Public Affairs Director Adam Muñoz [email protected] 1009
Government Executive Luis Miguel Pinzón [email protected] 1018
Public Affairs Executive Sofía Celedon [email protected] 1019
New Business Development Director Gizette Lemus Leon [email protected] 1007
New Business Development Executive Jairo Alejandro Gomez [email protected] 1023
New Business Development Executive Laura Gonzalez [email protected] 1024
New Business Development Executive Diego Felipe Alejo [email protected] 1023
Communications Manager Javier E. Héndez [email protected] 1004
Media Coordinator Celmira Cadena [email protected] 1013
Content Executive Viviana Rojas [email protected] 1015
Content Executive Daniel Ardila [email protected] 1016
Content Executive Sofia Aguilera [email protected] 1014
Knowledge Management Manager Edgar Hernández [email protected] 1003
Commercial and Marketing Manager Diana Herazo [email protected] 1005
Commercial Executive Isabel Hernández [email protected] 1024
Commercial Executive Gina Arenas [email protected] 1021
Commercial Executive Jenny Vargas [email protected] 1020
Marketing Executive Maicol Buitrago [email protected] 1017
Events Director Patricia Dávila [email protected] 1008
Administrative and Financial Director Martha Soler [email protected] 1006
Administrative and Financial Executive Mabel García [email protected] 1011
Human Resources Executive Luisa Martinez [email protected] 1011
Counter Jairo Martinez [email protected] 1010
Office Assistant Eberto Oviedo [email protected] 1000
Office Assistant Javier Gonzalez [email protected] 1000
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Calle 98 N° 22 -64 Of. 1215

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(+571) 7428111