Democrats put Obamacare at center of Supreme Court debate

This Monday, conservative Judge Amy Coney Barret's confirmation hearings kicked off.

Bogota, October 13, 2020 (El Tiempo)-. In order to mobilize Americans within 22 days of the election, Democrats on Monday put the future of the health reform of former President Barack Obama, known as 'Obamacare', at the center of the Supreme Court debate.

The goal was to escape personal attacks on Amy Coney Barrett, nominated for high court by the president of the United States, Donald Trump, and focus on Obama's health reform in order to remind voters what's at stake in elections.

During the first Senate hearing to evaluate Barrett's candidacy, Democrats, one after the other, showed photos of their constituents and narrated how the end of 'Obamacare' might affect them, especially during the

pandemic. Senator Patrick Leahy considered Barrett to pose an imminent threat, as on November 10, just after the election, the Supreme Court will hold a hearing to decide on the future of health coverage for millions of citizens.

Barrett has in the past expressed his rejection of Obama's health reform.In 2017 he published an essay criticizing the 2012 ruling in favor of the law by Supreme Court President John Roberts, nominated by Republican representative George W. Bush (2001-2009).

Since its approval a decade ago, the Republican Party has tried to repeal the law by court before the Supreme Court and also in Congress.

Trump urged speeding up the process to confirm Barrett by November. Senate Republicans hold 53 of the 100 Senate seats and therefore have a majority to confirm Barrett, something that is expected to happen at the end of October in a full vote.

In his opening address, Barrett advocated for an independent Supreme Court and promised that he will analyze the laws "as written," that is, following a legal doctrine that interprets the Constitution literally and without regard to the social changes of recent decades.

If elected, Barrett would fill the vacancy left in court by the deceased liberal judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg.A practicing Catholic and mother of seven, conservative Barrett is well seen by traditionalist Christians, with whom she shares values such as opposition to abortion.

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