Solutions for the development of effective cybersecurity strategies

The growth of telework rates is also an element to consider as it makes companies much more likely to be victims of a cyber attack.

Bogota – October 2020 – Cybersecurity is an issue that organizations are increasingly taking more seriously. Increased use of laptops and mobiles, and access and flow of information over the network are just a few factors that make institutions the preferred targets of hackers around the world. The growth of telework rates is also an element to consider as it makes companies much more likely to be victims of a cyberattack, having not established the protocols necessary to anticipate or prevent such situations in remote work environments.

According to ISACA, a recognized organization of technology professionals, only 51% of nearly 3,700 IT managers around the world confirmed that their organizations have developed reliable security systems that make them feel "very secure." A situation that can create great chaos in the industry, even more so when 58% of respondents warn that many of the attackers are taking advantage of the current contingency to threaten organizations and that the rise of cyberattacks has grown by 92%.

"Organizations in all sectors have been forced to accelerate the establishment of their security protocols to counteract the effects of possible attacks. A strategy that must be designed for the development of an intelligent environment that allows companies to shield the the the most and continue their processes. It should be focused on three pillars: people, processes and technologies. Beyond computers and devices, we talk about considering options that guarantee the coverage of all the assets of the operation", says Roger Roa, Cybersecurity Business Consultant of Schneider Electric.

Developing an enterprise security infrastructure

Schneider Electric is an organization with extensive knowledge in the development, implementation and testing of systems for cybersecurity in the industry. In the nearly 20 years of experience in this area, he has advised companies in sectors such as Oil & Gas, Datacenters, manufacturing, mining, electric, water, financial and health in their purpose of implementing effective safety models that allow them to reduce risk situations.

They are industries of critical infrastructure, which due to their size and impact on society must configure increasingly robust and complex systems. Any situation of this nature that occurs in its processes can lead to the interruption of its operation, which can have a negative effect on the economy and the normality of the citizens of a nation.

For this, Schneider Electric has a complete portfolio of products with the best standards and functionalities to anticipate and counteract any type of cyber threat.They are components that play a vital role, since in addition to building the cybersecurity network, they allow to establish processes to interrupt the operation in case of an abnormal situation. They are solutions adaptable to the production capacity and architecture of each of the companies. Likewise, and parallel to the process of implementation and adaptation of these technologies are formulated those of behavior that must be taken into account by the staff of the organization.

A security portfolio should include applications that allow the user or organization to take action at different times. In this sense Schneider Electric has developed a set of solutions with features to offer a high level of performance and response in different scenarios.

Solutions to prevent: They are applications that give those responsible for the operation the ability to determine the people who have access to the industrial network, and establish the mechanisms of control and modification of the industrial network. In the same way, they offer the possibility to segment the network, a function that is indispensable to establish information traffic, its use and visibility.

One attribute that is becoming more and more relevant is that of remote access. Through this type of technology operators can carry out control and maintenance work from any device. Thanks to connectivity it is possible to make the best decisions in the face of eventualities, without being present in factories and workplaces.

Solutions to protect: in much less technical terms, they are solutions that offer the possibility to install an antivirus for industrial environments. This has features that allow you to set control parameters on very robust machines and assets and to perform updates.

Solutions to detect: these are components that play a very important role, as they are monitoring and generating alarms against situations or eventualities that occur in the operation and the assets associated with them.

Solutions to respond: These are the technologies that probably no operator or process manager would want to employ, since they fulfill their function once the attack is already making a presence in the operation of an organization. They are solutions that offer the ability to back up through applications in the cloud. They are key to restructuring and reactivating activities, when risk is already imminent.

Faced with the increase in computer attack rates, many organizations in Latin America have already started working on their Cybersecurity strategy. Many of these have found Schneider Electric their best ally for efficiently deploying and developing these business environments. For this, the organization offers a consultancy that allows you to determine the current situation of each company and based on this the best alternatives are taken to advance in shielding its structure.

On July 10, 2019, the International Society for Automation (ISA) announced the creation of an open and collaborative forum to promote awareness, preparation and exchange of cybersecurity knowledge. ISA announced the first founding members of the ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance, within which Schneider Electric is one of its founders.

We are proud to be part of this alliance. As a founding member of ISA GCA, Schneider Electric will continue to pool the technology, expertise and special skills needed to improve the way we secure and protect our customers and their operation.